Keystone Lake Feeding the Fish Walk

After Angie went down for a nap after her close brush with breaking her arm, I took the kids down with a baggie of fish food each. On the way they stopped to pick all the dandelions and drop them in the river. There is a goose nest at the entrance to Adventure Sports on the plaza (skate, boat and bike rental) and we paused to admire the eggs.


Then we fed the fish and ducks for a while. Someone walked by and mentioned a family of little geese so we went around the lake to admire them from as close as the parents would let us. We stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to talk to the owner there and pet the dog. We talked about the bears in the area, and I showed her the pic on my phone that the manager Steve had sent us. Pretty amazing.

We had so much fun, and love Keystone in the summer.


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