Tan and the Alpine Slide at Snowbird Oktoberfest

While at the Snowbird Oktoberfest on September 16, we got all-access day passes for the kids and I. Tan is too small to ride alone, so I was her ride-buddy for the activities. We did the Alpine Slide right away. She was really stoked. We got on the chair and rode up.

The first time up I helped her get on, but she was so physical I didn’t need to help her at all after that. The line at the top to take a sled was pretty long, but they had a juggler with a unicycle to amuse us in line. The kids got to try their hand at spinning plates.

When it was time to ride down, Tan wanted to be in charge of the control stick, and I went ahead and let her. By our third trip down she didn’t slow down very much at all. She totally loves it. Maybe she’ll be a Luge competitor?


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