Father Sons Camp in Alpine Utah

I took the boys to Lambert Park in Alpine Utah with the other fathers and sons from church for a night of fun (for the boys anyway – networking and chatting for the dads). We got there pretty early and were about the second group to set up our tents, then the boys ran wild while I sat in a lawn chair and vegg’ed with an audio book in between talking to some of the other dads.

We were responsible for our own dinner, and Angie had packed stuff for the boys and I packed what I figured would be close enough to my training diet, and we ate. After, they played all kinds of games with the other boys, running up and down the creek and in the trees. We got to bed about 10 PM, and slept overall pretty good until 6:30.

We got up and had a group breakfast of donuts, cinnamon rolls and fruit. The grapes were good – haven’t had any in a while. They played some more while I chatted with some of the neighbors, and we packed up when a lot of the others did. It was cool watching the boys do things, and get out of their shells and comfort zones a bit, including slack-lining, and stick-fighting with one of the younger kids there.


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