Dallin puts his Flexline on his new bike

Since Dallin has been biking so much, and has been accepted to a Jr. Development bike team, we decided that Mom’s old mountain bike wasn’t going to cut it anymore, so we got him an old-new Fuji bike in his size from Bike Barn in Lehi. Because he’s 11, and so small, we needed something between a 42 and 45 cm, depending on the top tube angle and where it butts to the seat tube.

He had him on a 47 cm Fuji at Mountain Sports Outlet in Silverthorne, CO, figuring it might work, since it has a really sloped top tube, but when he dropped forward off the saddle, like at a stop sign, it racked him good.

We asked around at some of the other local stores. The Trek store said they don’t even make bikes that size (in spite of there being two in their catalog) and another in American Fork was willing to look on their catalog if we got serious, but that it would probably be in the mid-range for price. Bike Barn was happy to dig through their catalog and found an older model Fuji they could order in for less than half price. Sold!

Today we went to the store to pick up the bike and get it sized. He rode it around their little back lot a few times, then we brought it home. The first thing we did when we arrived was to have him put on his bottle cage and his Flexline Hydration system kit. Then he rode around the block a few times after a short gear shifting tutorial – as it’s a little different from the two mountain bikes he has ridden.

Here’s a little video of him mostly working alone on that project.


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