Tan and the Bungie Trampoline at Snowbird Oktoberfest

While at Snowbird for the Oktoberfest event, we had all-day all-access passes. When we go to events at Keystone there are usually bungie-tramps set up, and sometimes it’s free, and sometimes it’s paid, and we’ve never had the chance to get Tan on one, despite her fondest wishes to try it.

Here we had the chance, and while the boys took off to lap the Mountain Flyer zipline, I waited in line with her to do the bungie-trampoline. She ran right out and did flip after flip after flip, with all her new gymnastics skills. She had a really good time, and I’m glad we got her on it.

When we were done we found the boys over on the Ropes Course, and Tan totally wanted to try it. I had to go with her to help manage her route-finding and harness handling skills, but she did all the hardest routes and had a blast.

Here is a bungie-tramp video and some pics from the bungie trampoline and the ropes course.


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