More Keystone Paint


I’m at the Condo to finish up some of the window seat area in the Master Bedroom. It was tough going removing the window valance, then cleaning up the mess from years of stuff being poured while sitting on the bench. I got some really hard taping done, then painted a 6″ strip around most of the tape with a 2-1/2″ brush. I was about to do a second coat on that strip when I decided to pick up the pace a bit and just use a roller and mini roller to fill it in and do the edges (mini roller is awesome for doing the edge work on outside corners).

Hopefully then I can do a second coat either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon and I’m almost done. Future plans include doing the area under the bench seat behind the heater with the light blue color, doing a new valance from a pinterest pin Angie liked, and maybe even recovering the foam pad with the same cloth.

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