Keystone Condo Remodeling Project Part One

I spent a few days at the Keystone Condo near Dillon, Colorado to do some remodeling and taking out a new mattress. We’ve been planning the remodel for some time now, and have almost finished the bathrooms, with some new fixtures, shower head etc. as well as bright new paint. I have only to paint the ceilings bright white to make them a lot more cheery.

Earlier last year Angie repainted the loft walls a soft green. This year we’re repainting the Master two-tone blue. We hadn’t gotten all the wallpaper stripped so I took off outlet covers and the heater from the two darker blue walls, and stripped and patched. That alone was a big project, then I taped and painted around the areas I’d have to tape for the lighter blue, so that it would have time to dry over the next week since I’d have to tape it for the lighter blue, and I don’t want to tape over the darker blue without a few days to let the paint set.

While waiting for the patching cement to dry I took apart the Early American style bed, and set that aside for the Guest Bedroom, and built the simple newer cleaner style bed and put the new mattress and box spring set on it.

Next week when I go out I’ll finish painting, and then move the old bed to the Guest Bedroom, which really is a better match for this style furniture and doesn’t need any remodeling at all.


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