Keystone Gulch Family Hike

This morning Angie had a skating lesson, and I had promised Tan we’d go on a little hike to break in her new hiking boots, so the kids and I took off about the same time Angie did and walked up Keystone Gulch Road behind Keystone Resort.

There was a thin layer of ice on the ponds, so the kids and I had plenty of fun tossing rocks onto and through the ice. Brennan crossed a log over a pond, and Tan crossed a log over a little puddle.

Brennan had the misfortune of his watch flying off just as he tossed a large rock, and it flew out about 6′ into the pond about 2′ deep. He asked if he could go get it, and I told him he’d be better off getting a big stick. He peeled off his socks and shoes and waded out into the 33 degree water, and couldn’t reach it, getting soaked pretty much all over from standing in 2′ of water and trying to reach down to the bottom.

He put his socks and shoes on while I fished the watch out with a stick. It was sunny enough, and we sang about “Brennan has ice in his undies” as we walked back to the condo.

Along the way Tan and Bren played with sticks, then made shadow puppets out of their Swedish Fish wrappers. Perfect day.


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