Dallin installs Flexline Hydration System on Bike

Dallin has been riding his bike a lot lately. Though he’s only 11 he’s taking it pretty seriously. For right now I would rather he focus on staying in control of his bike and not having to worry about details like how to pull his water bottle from the rack, open, drink, and return it, all while shifting and dodging cars.

I had the opportunity to test the Flexline Hydration system. I decided that a great test would be if Dallin could read and follow the directions and install it all by himself.

I handed him the box, and within 5 minutes he had it installed and working. The diagram is apparently obvious enough, and while it might be nice to have a couple more of the little velcro retainers, it seemed stable enough with only one.

He ran to change into his riding clothes and took off for a trip around the block to test it out. He got the position of the tube just right, and could lean into it and drink with ease. He managed to empty the bottle in two laps of the block, he was so excited.

He asked if he could go on a 5 mile ride to do more testing and I agreed, but reminded him to refill the bottle. It was pretty cool to watch him, and I look forward to our next big ride together.


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