Utah Smoky Sunset Aug 9

[reblogged from 2012]

Tonight, courtesy of the Pinyon Fire near Camp Williams UT, there was a beautiful sunset. I ran outside with my 5 year old daughter and we took some pictures while sharing pleasantries with a neighbor. A few times a week the sunset is pretty enough to take a picture, but I’ve been in Colorado some of them.
Lone Peak at smoky Sunset
Lone Peak near Draper UT




I hope you enjoy these few shots I picked out as representative. I used a Canon T3i with a Canon 18-135 zoom. I used the Manual setting, aperture wide open, and in general 1/1250 second give or take to bring out the reds and oranges. Auto focus, no filters. I used Irfan to batch resize the images to be more friendly to the blog image uploader, but no other effects or adjustments.

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