UTCX Draper Cyclocross 5 Dec 2015 – Brennan

Brennan wanted to take another go at cyclocross racing, in spite of his very heavy, very old low grade hand-me-down mountain bike. What a trooper. I walked the course to keep an eye on him and told him to bail after his second lap. He went on for a third, though the course was closed by then and the “A”s were pre-running it. Amazing stamina.

UTCX Draper 5 Dec 2015 - Brennan

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Cycle commuting in the cold weather

Morning temps have been in thed 30’s and drifting down into the 20’s. I’ve had to dress up a bit warmer now. I’ve had cold toes and thumbs so I’ll have to dig out some warmer gloves and maybe figure out toe covers or neoprene socks.

I’m riding 3 days a week, and last week only went down to the train station in the morning and got a ride home. On Monday I tried riding home but the wind was coming in over Traverse Ridge at a good 45 MPH +! and that was tough to deal with. A washing machine box chased me through a tunnel along the rec path. Metal was coming in from the highway. It was too dangerous so I huddled under a street sign to keep from blowing away. I actually had to hold my bike down.

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